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Launching On July 27th @ 11:00am EST

On July 27th 2017 11am EST we will astound your subscribers with our supercharged graphics app that will change the way your customers build & distribute graphics, ads, banners, overlays, pop ups and call to actions for ever. Before you think "oh no not another graphics app" read on.

Pixal means.. "to be insane with majesty and awe; to have capability to blow the mind of every person born EVER; to be the most great thing on planet earth at any given time"

And now with Evolution we have merged 2 of of our best selling apps 'Cliks' & 'Pixal' into something that will blow your customers minds...

We have been quietly enhancing Pixal for the past 15 months & Cliks has been pulled into this app with more features added too. We already have over 5,000 happy users on the 2 platforms and once these are merged with all the new amazing features we expect to bring in many more over the coming years.

So what makes Pixal Evolution so different to other graphic apps? Pixal Evolution is the first in our space to be totally IAB Compliant, this means all our graphics can be used on the CPA networks and it let's your customers design a graphic that really stands out, think animation, think video embeds (into the graphic), think html embeds (into the graphic), think text effects, think video backgrounds, think live real time skype calls inside adverts, think think huge media database, think of combining Banner Snack, Banner Flow, & with extra features and new might then just get close to what Pixal Evolution can do...

Prepare to be amazed

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With Too Many Unique Features To Mention 
Launch Information
Cart Opens 27th July 2017 Midday EST
Cart Closes 1st August 2017 Midnight EST

You will be paid 50% across the whole funnel making up to $254 per sale. With strong EPC's and a funnel that is built to convert, Pixal Evolution will convert any list.

Contest Prizes. Over $22,000 In Instant Cash Prizes

First prize is $3000. This is paid on most total funnel income and will be paid 24hours after launch has finished.

Second prize is $1000. This is paid on most total funnel income and will be paid 24hours after launch has finished.

Third prize is $500. This is paid on most total funnel income and will be paid 24hours after launch has finished.

Fourth prize is $250. This is paid on most total funnel income and will be paid 24hours after launch has finished.

Fifth prize is $100. This is paid on most total funnel income and will be paid 24hours after launch has finished.

we have 3 in launch mini contests with prizes totalling $7,250 + we have a special "Super Affiliate" speed contest of $10,000 for the first affiliate to 300 FE sales!

We always send out raw links & do retargeting to maximise our affiliates sales. We sent 8500+ visitors  for Cliks It. 
Our after sales support is 2nd to none. As you can see with our recurring sales, 3 affiliates made 4 figures from the OTO, some affiliates making $439 per visitor over the last 2 years
Our Products are priced to sell, and make our affiliates good money. 20+ Affiliates all made 4 or 5 figures in sales on the FE alone for Pixal. 
We Always try to produce really strong OTO's and ensure that the funnels maximise our affiliates pay days. OTO 1 of Pixal had double digit conversions for almost every single affiliate.
Do We Reciprocate?

Over the last few months we have dominated almost every leaderboard when we have teamed up to promote, here are the leaderboards from the last 8 promotions we have done...

Let Us Give You A 5 Figure Promo In Return...
Here are some of our previous promotions with over $103,000 gross and always top three positions. If we get behind your product we push and we push hard. If you promote us then we will promote you back. Ten promotions and over $10,000 average gross per promotion

If you want to get a promotion back from us then make sure you promote Pixal anyone hitting the top ten will be guaranteed a promotion back. Don't hit our top ten? not to worry if you promote the launch we will look at your next product and if we have a slot free and it fits our lists we will push you back.

What Our Current JV Partners Have To Say...
“Paul and Richard are two of the most loyal affiliates and when they say they are in for a promo, I know they'll be putting in 110% effort and finishing in the top 3 if not #1 every time. 

Likewise, they're putting in just as much effort on the launch side and when they have a new product I know it's going to convert like crazy”

"I've known Paul and Richard for sometime now and they are easily two of the smartest marketers I've had the pleasure of working with. Promoting their offers is a no brainer for me, since their products genuinely deliver results, their support is top-notch and of course, their launches convert. My customers have always had an amazing experience and that speaks volumes. If you get the chance to work with them or promote any of their products, definitely do it"

“I Promoted both “Cliks It” & “Pixal” 1st time round and had great EPC’s on both. 

Richard & Paul don’t launch too often, but when they do, you know their products will be of good quality and will convert, plus they also have great after sales support too.”

"If I had to name my strongest and most consistent JV partners I’d have no hesitation in naming Richard & Paul. Together these guys have crushed my leaderboards time and time again, and when I say crushed I do mean ‘Crushed’. 

Take it from me, if you build a relationship with Richard and Paul, expect to see them at the top of your leaderboards".

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